MIBO S.r.l.

MiboMibo S.r.l. was founded in 1982 and was quickly established on the Italian market (and subsequently on foreign markets), dealing in foaming additives for the production of lightweight aerated concrete. From that moment on, its founder, Mr. Rovaldo Minardi, started to create what Mibo S.r.l. has now become. His first objective was to introduce highly technological, innovative products to the Italian and foreign building markets, which offered possible purchasers a good quality/price ratio.

Other products were later added to the exclusive sale of additives: machinery for the production of lightweight aerated concrete, industrial flooring treatment products, a line of waterstops for casting and expansion joints, a line of sealant/anti-corrosion products. Mibo S.r.l. has grown from being a practically one-man-business to a significant company for the Italian economy with links and resellers in most areas of the Italian peninsula as well as in areas such as Israel, France, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Rumania. Its main objective is to reach currently unexplored foreign markets and to create a sales network providing products to various customers such as building firms, materials resellers, trade companies etc. from its base in Vicenza. Although Mibo S.r.l. has grown in terms of modus operandi and number of collaborators, it has managed to maintain almost family-like relations with its most loyal customers, based on reciprocal esteem and collaboration, a relationship Mibo S.r.l. also tries to establish with new collaborators. Customer satisfaction is our satisfaction.

At the moment, Mibo S.r.l. is the exclusive distributor for Southern Europe and Mediterranean Countries of a line of waterstops for casting joints (expansion and non), called SYNKO-FLEX, RAM-NEK, HYDRO-FLEX, produced by HENRY COMPANY, a multinational company based in Houston, Texas (USA) and as distributor for Italy of a line of sealants and anti-corrosion products (STOPAQ FN 2100-4100-4200-CZ WRAPETAPE).

MIBO S.r.l. also deals in the sale of proteic/synthetic foaming additives and other products such as: chlorine-rubber hydroexpansion waterstops for casting joints, PVC waterstops for casting and expansion joints, resins for cement, plaster and waterproof coatings, bentonite panels and protective tapes.

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