Waterstops Hydroexpansive


Waterstop for casting joints. Based on sodium bentonite, butyl rubber and bitumen. Used to seal horizontal and vertical joints. Suitable for tunnels, car parks, water treatment plants, tanks, pipelines, sewer trunk lines and for any underground work in general subject to occasional or permanent contact with water.

- Self-adhesive (does not require nails, bonding agents or welding)
- Over 2 bar water seal capacity
- Slow and delayed expansion to avoid risks in case of premature contact with rain water or the waterbed
- High expansion capacity
- Resistant to alkaline and acid solutions containing 5% caustic potassium, hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid; also resistant to basic solutions, saline solutions and sewage in general

Ingredients: sodium bentonite encapsulated in the butyl rubber and bitumen
Specific weight: 1.32 ASTM D71
Color: black
Hydrostatic load resistance: over 20 m column of water
Toxicity: none

150% after a minimum of 2 days;
250% after a minimum of 7 days

Disbonding resistance at 55°C: approx. 4 hours
Dimensions: mm 29 x 13
Application temperature as a self-adhesive waterstop: + 5°C  + 60°C (in lower temperatures, warm the product) 
Elongation capacity: 216% compared to its initial dimension
Solubility in water: not soluble
Flash point: > 204 °C

Always ensure the surfaces where the waterstop is to be applied are clean and dry. If this is not the case, use a wire brush or compressed air to remove any dirt, oil stains or inconsistencies in the concrete and dry the concrete using a torch to completely remove any dampness. Position the waterstop along the same axis as the formwork and ensure there are at least 8 cm between the edge of the waterstop and the external edge of the concrete. Overlap the strips by at least 4-5 cm and press the end of the first waterstop to the head of the next waterstop together. Peel the brown protective paper just before pouring the cast and after ensuring that the waterstop is securely fixed to the concrete in the correct position. For applications in temperatures below 10°C, treat the application area with a good primer over a width of at least 3 cm.
Additional advices:
IN WINTER: apply the primer only on vertical castings, warm the concrete and waterstop surfaces using a torch, use wire nails every 20/25 cm or an appropriate little wire net.
IN SUMMER: apply the primer only on vertical castings, use wire nails every 20/25 cm or an appropriate little wire net.

The products are produced with the best row materials available on the market in order to obtain a high quality product. Our guarantee covers the quality of the product but not its applications which cannot be under our control.


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