Cement-based waterproofing


Cement based sealant (osmotic cement) with diffused effect, ready to use, enriched with mineral additives, studied for the protection of building works against the humidity of the ground, water infiltrations and to waterproof tanks subject to external water pressure of up to 5 metres..

• High water tighteness degree, also in case of water pressure, • Particularly resistant against chemical aggressions and mechanical stresses, • Absence of efflorescence or damaging effects on the concrete or masonry, • Resistant to frost.



cement enriched with mineral additives
Solvents none
Colours grey or white
Consistency Dust
Application method flat brush or trowel
Thickness of layer 1-2 mm.
Coats required 2 coats with flat brush
Consumption 1,5-3 kg/mq
Dry residue 100 %
Settling time similar to regular cement mortar
Temperature for being worked it cannot be worked in case of frost
Specific weight 1,38
Density of finished mortar about 2 kg./dm3
Package 25 kg
Conservation as regular cement


Preparation of the support:
The support must be solid, stable and free of unstable particles. Residues of demolders, lime white, binding agents must be eliminated.
An open diffused system is needed. In case of absorbing supports as concrete, cement plaster, cement mortars, bricks, hollow blocks, etc, no other treatment is needed other than preliminary wetting. Wetting must be performed based on the degree of humidity present in the support, until a humid/opaque surface is obtained. The water in excess must be eliminated.

The osmotic cement IPA DS must not be mixed with other products.
Mixing with water will take place mechanically through drill and mixer. The quantity of water to add must be strictly monitored and must not be less than 20%, or higher than 25% of the weight. This means adding 5/6 litres of water to 1 bag of  IPA DS of 25 kg. We suggest to prepare only the quantity of mortar that you can use in 1 hour.
Laying generally takes place with flat brush. In case of horizontal surfaces, in order to improve adhesion, it is suggested to lay the first layer with a hard broom, strongly rubbing the mortar on the support. The sealant is laid with at least 2 coats, each of them covering the surface completely. The finish must boast the thickness indicated in the following table at any point, in order to resist to the foreseen water pressure.


Type of hydraulic stress

Minimum thickness of finish


Humidity of ground

1 mm

1.5 kg/square metres

Surface and infiltration water
not under pressure

1.5 mm

2 kg/square metres

Water under pressure, containers
with water depth < 5 metres

2 mm

3 kg/square metres

The material must be mixed homogeneously and without clots. IPA DS must not be applied on frozen surfaces or in case of frost. After applying it, we suggest to keep the finish wet for at least 24 hours and protect it for 5 days against direct solar rays.
Tiles, panels, protective finishes can be applied only when the sealant has hardened enough.

The products are manufactured with the best raw materials found on the market in order to obtain a high quality product. Our warranty concerns the quality of the product and not the applications, over which we have no control.


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