Liquid sheath - additive - resin


Acrylic-base resin with polymers and modifying agents, studied to increase the mechanical properties of cement mortars and their adhesion to surfaces. Thanks to its properties, it confers great resistance to mortars against atmospheric agents, U.V. rays, heat, aging and wear. It reduces the percentage of water in the mix. It limits the cracks cause by shrinking. It slows down evaporation. The resin is a whitish liquid, with viscosity slighly higher than water that remains stable during frost and thaw cycles.

It is used as additive to mortars for plaster patching and remaking of cement surfaces, for outdoors and indoors, as additive in special mortars to increase adhesion and elasticity, and to allow uniform drying, and as air-entraining agent in restoring mortars.

The surfaces must be clean, with no parts detached or residues or paints, oils, greases, etc. Use a waterbased sand blaster or a pressure water spray to clean the surfaces.
Dry mix the cement and the inert material (sand and/or gravel), on the side, dilute the resin with water and add to the mix slowly. For patching concrete surfaces, use resin instead of water in the mix. For large surfaces, dilute the resin in the water with ratio 1:2. In traditional and restoring plasters, dilute the resin in the water with ratio 1:3. In special mortars, dilute according to the instructions.

The mix must be worked as a common mortar. Wet the surface well prior to apply. Never exceed 20 minutes for application, specially with high temperatures. Clean the trowel frequently when applying and exercise a light pressure with it.
For considerable thicknesses, apply the mortar in subsequent layers.
The surface is ready for use from 24 to 48 hours after application. For patching of floors subject to strong load, wait at least 4 days.
Use the resin as air-entraining additive in restoring plasters; stir the water-resin mix with a stirrer mounted on a low-speed drill, for no longer than 90 seconds.
Add sand and cement in the proportions suggested for use (we recommend not to exceed the 3 quintals of cement per cubic metre).

Do not apply mortars blended with resin at a temperature lower than 5° C or when frost is foreseen in the following 48 hours.
Despite remaining stable to various frost and thaw cycles, avoid storing the product at temperatures lower than 0° C.
Plastic packages of 5-10-25 Kg

The products are produced with the best raw materials found on the market to obtain a high quality product. Our warranty concerns the quality of the product and not the applications which are outside our control.
The information contained in this sheet is based on our current knowledge and experiences. In any case, it cannot be considered as guarantee, neither liability towards us, for the use of our products since the conditions of use are outside our control. Moreover, the Client must check that this sheet and possible values contained in it are valid for the batch of product that he intends to use, and make sure they are not outdated by following editions and/or new product formulas. In case of doubts, contact our Technical Office.


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