Cement-based waterproofing


Impermeable transpiring plaster featuring a cement and siliceous sand base for concrete or masonry exposed to water and humidity. Creates a waterproof barrier for concrete, stone, brick and other types of masonry, indoors and outdoors, under or above ground. Thanks to its properties it forms a single body with the surfaces on which it is applied, it allows supports to transpire and features structural resistance similar to concrete.

Creates a waterproof barrier for external surfaces subjected to the weather. For indoor applications, especially in underground locations, the product resists negative hydrostatic pressure (approx. 6 ATM). Easy to apply and does not require any maintenance costs. Forms a single body with the support on which it is applied and fills any porosities. Impermeable to water but permeable to water vapour. Features excellent abrasion resistance and acids (up to pH 4). Suitable for contact with drinking water and once applied can be coated or painted like any normal plaster.
The product is non-toxic but becomes abrasive once it has been mixed; therefore it is advisable to wear gloves during application. In the case of eye contact, wash with abundant water and do not rub.

Do not apply at temperatures below 5°C or when such temperatures have been forecast during the subsequent 24 hours.
Do not apply to frozen surfaces.
Do not apply to outdoor surfaces if it is raining or if rain has been forecast within 4-6 hours after application.
Do not apply to surfaces subject to movement.

The product needs to be mixed with approx 26% of liquid. For every 25 kg of material, 7 litres of liquid are required, consisting in 2 litres of KEYCRIL liquid resin and 5 litres of water. If mixed by hand, add the liquid to the powder. If mixed mechanically, slowly add the powder to the liquid. After mixing, allow the material to rest for 15-20 minutes before applying. In extreme heat, wet the surfaces abundantly and increase the concentration of KEYCRIL in the mixing liquid.
Keep the support damp before applying the product. The material is applied in two coats after at least 24 hours of each other. The product can be applied using a paint brush or a large fibre brush. If possible apply the first coat in horizontal strokes and the second using vertical strokes. The final coat can be applied using a spray nozzle or a darby. The incidence of material is 1.5 Kg/m2 for the fist coat and 1 Kg/m2 for the second. Total incidence: 2.5 kg/m2.
Dampen before applying the second coat. The first coat must be applied carefully on the surface to ensure it penetrates into every micro pore. Up to 2-3 days after the final coat has been applied, the surface can be coated, plastered, painted, etc.
It is important that the surface to be treated is sound and perfectly clean. Any residues of paint, blooms, detached parts, grease, oil, moulds, dust, crumbly plaster, etc. must be removed. Any other former paint work or similar must also be removed. If necessary, sand blast or power wash. Existing cracks or fissures must be adequately filled with KEYPLUG or KEYREPAR before the product is applied.
It is advisable to apply the product with positive pressure and on a surface above any damp areas.

Acrylic based resin combined with polymer and modifiers, studied to increase the mechanical properties of cement mortars and their adhesion to surfaces. Thanks to its properties it enables mortars to have an excellent resistance to weather factors, ultraviolet rays, heat, aging and wear. It reduces the percentage of water in the mixture. It confines the shrinkage cracks. Slows down evaporation. The resin looks like a white liquid, it has a viscosity slightly superior to water and it remains stable during frosting and defrosting cycle. It is being used as additive to mortars for plaster's repairs or remakes of cement surfaces both inside and outside, as additive in special mortars to increase adhesion, elasticity and allow a uniform drying process.
Do not apply additive-mortars with resins at temperature below 5 °C or when frost has been forecasted within 48 hours. Even though it remains stable during frosting and defrosting cycles, avoid storage at temperatures lower than 0 °C.

The products are produced with the best row materials available on the market in order to obtain a high quality product. Our guarantee covers the quality of the product but not its applications which cannot be under our control


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