Waterstops profiles


The profiles MIBOWS-WSE-WSB-WSBIQ-WSBE are produced with thermal plastic vinyl resins of exceedingly high quality. These materials confer to the profiles a high resistance to aging, to the aggressive action of alkaline/ acid substances and to the mechanical stimuli. They are employed, depending on the sections and the shape, in dilation joints, in casting and construction joints and in any type of structure (civil, industrial, etc.), in order to give to the latter a perfect hydraulic seal.

Profile for inner and outer casting/cold joints
Casting joints between fresh and hardened concrete always represent a structural interlude between which water leaks can develop. The MIBOWS-WSE profile, made of PVC, are suitable for casting joints which are not subject to movement.

  • The specifications of these profiles are long lasting and remain unaltered even at low temperatures
  • They do not require special warehousing or conditions
  • They can be supplied in various degrees of hardness and dimensions according to their destined use
  • Contrary to other neoprene or rubber profiles they can be easily welded one to another. The welding either with hot air or heated blades can be carried out on site
  • They are suitable for sea water contact
  • They comply with the regulations ASTM D. 412-75 and ASTM D. 746-747-2240 and the relating ISO

Ingredients: polyvinyl chloride
Color: black. Other colors on request

Specific weight:

1.40 -/+ 0.03 gr./cm3 (ISO1183)
Tensile stress: > 12 N/mm2 (ISO527)
Hardness: 70-75 +/- 2 Shore A15" (ISO868)
Elongation at break: >340% (ISO527)
Flexibility to cold: - 32 +/- 4 °C (ISO458/2)
Thermal stability: min. 80 +/- 5 (ISO182/A)
Oil resistance: normal resistance in case of short-term contact, not suitable for long-term diving. In the latter case it is necessary to formulate a specific compound for use
Hydrostatic pressure: WS < 0.5 atm WSE-WSB-WSBE-WSIQ from 0.5 to 2 atm.
Axial expansion: tWS < 10 mm WSE-WSB-WSBE-WSIQ from 10 to 20 mm.
Transverse movement: WS < 5 mm WSE-WSB-WSBE-WSBIQ from 5 to 10 mm.
Preservation:: the product will last 60 months circa from the date of production if stored in its original and sealed packages, in a dry place and with temperatures not exceeding 30°C. They need to be protected from UV rays.

Code A B C
MIBOWS150 150 2,5 12
MIBOWS180 180 2,5 12
MIBOWS200 200 2,5 12
MIBOWS215/220 220 3 12
MIBOWS250 250 3,5 12
MIBOWS300 300 3,5 12

Code Width Weight/m Packaging
MIBOWS150 mm. 150
680 gr. 50 mt
MIBOWS180 mm. 180
720 gr. 50 mt
MIBOWS200 mm. 200
860 gr. 50 mt
MIBOWS215/220 mm 215/220
1060 gr. 50 mt
MIBOWS250 mm. 250
1200 gr. 25 mt
MIBOWS300 mm. 300
1600 gr. 25 mt

The inner profiles (WS-WSB-WSBIQ) must drawn in the concrete and have to be secured to the framework to ensure a certain stability during casting and to avoid the formation of folds. The outer profiles (WSE-WSBE) must be secured directly on the formworks or on the foundations, with the anchoring blades pointed towards the casting. The profiles can be welded directly on site with an electric hot air welding machine. It is advised to have care to vibrate the casting near the joint, in order to avoid the creation of the so called gravel nests.
MIBO WS-WSE profile are used for cold joints where the concrete has been cast at different times and there are iron rods passing through one casting and another. MIBO WSB-WSBIQ WSBE profiles are used instead for expansion joints, where concrete castings cast at different times feature a cavity equal to the width of the bulb and the cavity must be filled with a suitable elastic material. In this case there are not iron rods passing through one casting and another.

MIBO WS The electric hot air blow pipe are used to make special “L”, “T” or cross couplings.

The products are produced with the best row materials available on the market in order to obtain a high quality product. Our guarantee covers the quality of the product but not its applications which cannot be under our control..


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