MIBO S.r.l. proposes itself on the market as sole Distributor in Italy for the HENRY COMPANY, an American multinational firm based in HOUSTON-TEXAS.

Based on the vast field experience of its technicians, MIBO S.r.l. has concentrated its activities on the line of Waterstop for casting, construction and dilation joints and for waterproof juncture of precast structures. Its activities also include waterproofing of concrete structures, protection and restoration of coverings and sale of foaming agents for the production of light weight cellular concrete.

Therefore, thanks to a deep study of the actual problems linked to the waterproofing field, MIBO S.r.l. is now able to offer all its clients various types of solutions, which are all highly effective and at decisively competitive prices.

MIBO S.r.l. is also able to offer specialised assistance for the first phases of laying, by means of specialised consultants. On request, working together with laying teams, MIBO is able to offer its clients the so called turn-key solutions. This way it is able to guarantee an optimum resul even for what concerns the laying of the products, which often turns out to be a very delicate phase for the fine outcome of a job.   

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