Technical analisys
Our technicians are able to carry out an in-depth analysis of construction site problems or the technical requests of the Works Management, so as to be able to offer advice regarding the best solutions, bearing in mind the unique features of every construction site and the foreseen budget. Analysis can also be carried out beforehand, directly during the design stage, creating tailor-made solutions.       

Prior visit to the construction site
On request, or if considered necessary, our technicians can carry out an analysis of problems directly on the construction site. Thus, getting a visual idea of the specifications of a particular situation, they are promptly and efficiently able to draw up various solutions.       

Offers with technical report
Shortly after the interview or visit to the site, our staff will send an offer with the relative data applying the degree of discount available for the required quantities in the interest of competition. Furthermore, information sheets certifying quality and safety will be enclosed with the offer providing information about technical specifications, safety and how to apply the product. If a prior technical analysis is carried out, a short report is drawn up and sent to the customer summarising the problems found and their solution. The latter will thus act as a reminder of how to act.   

Delivery to the construction site
Once agreement has been reached with the customer, our staff will deliver the goods in the shortest possible time, using suitable packaging and qualified haulage agents. Integrity of the goods is guaranteed until they reach their destination. The products shall be replaced immediately if damaged during haulage, or if they do not comply with the technical specifications stated above and indicated in the delivered documentation.   

Application advice
Our technical staff is available on request to assist customers during the initial application of the purchased products. Our aim is to teach the staff present on the site exactly how to use the products and thus reduce to a minimum the risk of error that often compromises the good outcome of the work. 

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