Sealants and anti-corrosion products


Permanently plastic sealing compounds designed to prevent or stop any corrosive processes on buried or surface pipes or individual components (parts of storage tanks, manholes, flanges, joints). Guarantees long-term protection, acting like a barrier against water, air and gases.

• Does not harden, retains its original soft state and therefore can be removed and reused with the utmost ease.
• Environment friendly and non toxic
• Thermal and electrical insulator
• Does not require preliminary treatment such as sanding or the application of Primers
• Easy to apply
• Adheres to most materials and has seen long-term use on gas pipelines, chemical plants, petrochemical plants and oil refinery plants as well as on structures subject to saline, acid or basic corrosion.
• Has an almost limitless lifetime
• No need to interrupt supply of the service during application.

Ingredients: CZ WRAPPING BAND: 2 mm thick tape, consisting in an external sheet of EPDM (0.8 mm thick), by an internal reinforcement made of LPDE (a 0.08 mm thick special type of polyethylene) and by a layer of POLY-OLEFINE.
CZ PASTE: Mix of hydrocarbon polymers vitrified at a temperature below -10 °C
Color: light green
Odour: none
Density of paste: 1.2-1.4 g/cm3
PH: neutral
Solubility in water: not soluble
Stability: total
Toxicity: none
Resistance: diluted and saturate sodium and potassium chloride saline solutions.
diluted acids and bases (pH 3-14), such as hydrochloric, acetic, sodium and potassium hydroxide solutions. Polluted underground water with <5g/l concentrations for brief periods of time, petrol solutions or ethane and isopropyl alcohol solutions.
Working temperature: CZ type < 50°C max. temperature
CZH type < 70°C max. temperature
CZHT type < 95°C max. temperature
Electric conductivity: Specific resistance: > 10 Ohm/cm
Adhesion to the support: 130 N/10 2 mm, average value on polyethylene pipes,
175 N/10 2 mm, average value on metal pipes

The products do not require any prior treatment such as sandblasting or primers. It is advisable to use a rag to remove any deposits, inconsistent items, oil stains or moulds from the pipes. STOPAQ CZ PASTE is applied to flanged pipes or pipes with joints; STOPAQ CZ WRAPPING BAND is applied to smooth conduction pipes or parts of pipes located between one flange and another.
The paste is applied using a special gun, covering the entire flange surface. The product is then covered using sheets of geofabric and PVC adhesive tape which is overlapped by half its width.
The tape is wrapped around the pipe so that it overlaps by half of its width (5 cm wide tape, overlapping by 2.5 cm, and 10 cm wide tape, overlapping by approx. 5 cm). A PVC tape is applied to protect the product (as described above). There is no need to interrupt supply of the service during application.

The products are produced with the best row materials available on the market in order to obtain a high quality product. Our guarantee covers the quality of the product but not its applications which cannot be under our control.


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