Waterstops non Hydroexpansive


Non hydroexpansive waterstop for casting joints and impermeable joints between prefabricated structures. Based on bituminous resins. Used to seal horizontal and vertical joints. Suitable for tunnels, car parks, water treatment plants, tanks, pipelines, sewer trunk lines and for any underground work in general subject to occasional or permanent contact with water.

• Self-adhesive (does not require nails, bonding agents or welding)
• Over 2 bar water seal capacity
• Resistant to acid solutions containing 5% caustic potassium, hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid; also resistant to base solutions, saline solutions and sewage in general
• Unaffected by contact with rain water
• Does not require any specific confinement
• Excellent and long-lasting plasticity

Ingredients: bituminous resins, fillers and plastic excipients
ASTM T 111

Specific weight at 25° C:

1.35 ASTM D 71
Color: black  
Hydrostatic load resistance:

20 m column of water

Toxicity: none  
Dimensions: 40x13 mm; strip length 0.917 lm (1 yard)  

Elongation capacity at 20° C:

250% compared to its initial dimension  
Solubility in water: not soluble  
Resistance to tensile stress : Kg/cm2 0.50  
Flash point: 315 ° C ASTM D 92
Application temperature:

 + 5° C   + 60° C (it is always advisable to warm the product )

Chemical resistance
30 days immersion at 25° C in each of the following
5% solution of caustic potassium not visibile deterioration FEDERAL STANDARDS SSS-210
5% solution of hydrochloric acid not visibile deterioration FEDERAL STANDARDS SSS-210
5% solution of sulfuric acid not visibile deterioration FEDERAL STANDARDS SSS-210
5% solution of sulfide solution not visibile deterioration FEDERAL STANDARDS SSS-210

Always ensure that the surfaces where the waterstop is to be applied are clean and dry.
If this is not the case, clean the surface with a wire brush and dry using a torch or hot air drier to remove any dampness. Apply a layer of bituminous Primer and leave to dry. Peel the transparent release paper from the waterstop. Position the waterstop on the surface and press firmly along the entire length of the strip to ensure maximum adherence between the waterstop and the concrete.
Position the second strip of waterstop so that it overlaps the first by 2/3 cm. Press firmly and then repeat the procedure with the other strips. Peel off the brown paper, ensure that the overlaps have been carried out properly (ensure that there is total adhesion between one waterstop strip and another, and between the waterstop and the concrete) and proceed with the casting or apply the prefabricated elements. (N.B: Peel off the brown paper just before pouring the casting to prevent the waterstop from coming into contact with dust or similar elements). If the waterstop has problems adhering to the concrete in vertical castings, warm the Synko-flex strips using a torch and apply a nail to the head of the upper strip. Where possible, it is advisable to apply on fresh concrete.

The products are produced with the best row materials available on the market in order to obtain a high quality product. Our guarantee covers the quality of the product but not its applications which cannot be under our control.


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