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Bitumen-based waterproofers

Line of bituminous-based, two-component, highly elastic waterproofing products recommended for waterproofing structures subject to contact with atmospheric agents, ultraviolet rays, thermal changes or for restoring existing waterproofing such as deteriorated membranes, old asphalt coverings, fibre cement, sheet metal, without the need to remove the existing one. They are compatible with most building materials.


Bitumen-based waterproofers

Flexible, two-component, bituminous waterproofing provides safe protection against ground moisture, seepage water, pressurised water and other factors that can damage masonry.
The product is also suitable as an intermediate waterproofing under the floor.

Cement-based waterproofers

Line of osmotic, single and two-component, breathable, cement-based waterproofers and cements with resin additives that increase elasticity. Recommended for waterproofing concrete surfaces, masonry, stone, bricks, swimming pools or containment tanks. They work in positive and negative hydrostatic thrust. In some cases they can also be supplied with colours on request.


Cement-based waterproofers

Cement-based waterproofing agent (osmotic cement) with capillary effect, ready to use, enriched with mineral additives, designed for the protection of building works against ground humidity, seepage water and waterproofing of tanks with water head up to 5 m.


Cement-based waterproofers

Waterproofing, two-component coating based on cement binders, selected fine-grained aggregates, special additives and synthetic polymers in water dispersion.

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